Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Blood moons, Ebola, & ISIS Oh My!

The panic in the media right now over current events is everywhere. And there are a lot of things to be concerned about. Ebola is wreaking havoc in Liberia, ISIS is raining terror in the Middle East, & blood moons are bringing much interest & concern over the end of the world.

In the midst of all of this suffering & unrest we need to keep a few things in mind.

First of all, we need to realize that we aren't the ones suffering. So many people are suffering from Ebola & it's not Americans. There is a whole country suffering from this disease & it's not America. Yes, there have been a couple of cases here and that's terrible but it doesn't compare to the suffering in Liberia. According to NBC news over 2400 people have died there from Ebola. We would do well to stop panaking here & start praying for there.
We should also pray for those suffering from the oppression of ISIS. A lot of those are believers & they are suffering for their faith.

Secondly, the United States is not the center of the universe. Many people talk about current events & Bible prophecy like the United States is God chosen people. We are not. The United States & Israel are not synonymous. Christians are God's people. And God is the center of the universe, not Americans.
So we need to be careful how we talk about what is going on with the world & the USA with the Bible. Just because there is prophecy in the Bible doesn't mean it's about the USA. In fact, it's probably not about America.

Lastly, the panic of some Christians in response to these events is unsettling. Have we forgotten that our God is sovereign? Have we forgotten the nature of our hope? God is on his throne no matter the circumstances & our hope is rooted in something much deeper than our current surroundings. We have a living hope in a resurrected Savior. All of us will die one day & the great hope of our lives is that if we know him death is just a doorway, not a destination.

So we should pray, be hopeful, trust our sovereign God, & look beyond ourselves to a world in need of hope. We have that hope. Believe it & share it. 

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